Programming Font Choices

· by Thomas Bruno · Read in about 1 min · (160 Words)

I’ve been attempting to get my workflow a little more customized lately. Choosing some better colors that are more friendly on the eyes was definitely a step in a good direction. However, I still sometimes found myself asking is that a upper case I or a lower case l when dealing with consoles, guides, tutorials and the like. I was finally pushed over the edge when I simply couldn’t reproduce a base64 string by reading it.

Here are some fantastic programming fonts that I’ve found and love.


This is currently my go to for editor and console fonts. You’ll even find it right here on this site.


This is a great fall back and new up & comer to the coding font lists. It has some really nice clear letters and is the perfect simplicity to just get the job done and make you feel you’ve not just coded but have done so like a Pro