N8080: Intel 8080 Emulator

written in Golang

Written in Golang to reduce the complexity of writing an emulator in C/C++, N8080 is an 1976 Intel 8080 emulator.

Current features

  • Plugable I/O device system
  • Interrupts
  • Opcodes implemented to Intel’s documented spec
  • Multithreaded I/O

Coming Soon

  • OpenGL display support
  • Multi device emulation (MPS-80, MPS-85, Space Invaders, etc)
  • Display, Input Devices, Shift register, etc I/O

Get N8080

go get naveoss.com/go/N8080


Currently it is up to you to load the binary you want to run in the main.go file and then rebuild. More work on the user interface of N8080 will come as the CPU emulation stablizes. Watch the blog for updates in the N8080 category for tips, tricks, and learning how to write an emulator!