Tutorial Section and 8080 Tutorial Kickoff

In the latest update today I bring a new Tutorials section. I’ve hand modified the Hugo theme «hugo-bootstrap» a lot and was able to add in tutorial navigation and lists into the content pages and side bars. Also, surprise! I’m building a tutorial on how to hand build an Intel 8080 computer! Its very exciting time for me as I start to build a simplistic machine that will allow me to actually write a small OS and do the things the founders of the tech industry did.

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N8080: Intel 8080 Emulator

N8080: Intel 8080 Emulator written in Golang

N8080 Screenshot Day

Golang Emulation Retro

Today was the big day. Attaching a display to the section of memory the Space Invaders 8080 binary uses to display images. (0x2400 - 0x7FFF). I moved Interrupt handling from main.go and put it into the Display device. I did this because that is how Space Invaders was actually wired. This also means that the display is synced to the interrupts firing, about every 8ms for the vsync and ½ vsync interrupts the machine expected.

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